Scrypt Mining Rigs

This AltcoinMiner Mining Rig is built specifically for mining Scrypt based Cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, and it's alternatives.

We use brand new parts, including an AMD Sempron processor to save electricity and AMD Sapphire HD7950 video cards for our mining rigs. They have a fairly low power output for mining Alternative Cryptocurrencies. They get about 500 MH/s for SHA-256 based coins, and about 500 KH/s for Scrypt based coins. This is fairly profitable in today's Cryptocurrency Marketplace.

Each Altcoin Miner Scrypt Mining Rig is pre-installed with CGMiner and GUIMiner-scrypt for easy mining of many Scrypt-based Cryptocurrencies. *Documentation provided soon on the website.

After each AltcoinMiner Scrypt Mining Rig is manufactured, we test it for 24 hours of hardcore mining to ensure a quality product for you.